Undergraduate Courses

HG 325
Conceptual and Philosophical Challenges Facing Human Genetic Researchers in the 21st Century

Spring term 1 credit

Course Description:
Topics will include the history of human genetic research and the contemporary conceptual, theoretical and empirical challenges in researching how genome variation influences measures of health, interacts with the epigenome in resolving the nature-nurture controversy, determines in utero and early childhood effects that influence adult health and interactions with the microbiome that define what it is to be human.

Instructor: Sing (csing@umich.edu)
Schedule: TUE & THU 4pm-5pm
Location: 4151 USB

Prerequisite: Introductory Genetics 305

HG 480
Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Winter term 3 credits

Course Description:
This seminar and reading course is focused on cellular and molecular aspects of mammalian developmental neurobiology. Genetic and epigenetic principles underlying the emergence and maintenance of the mammalian nervous system will be explored in the context of human disorders that lead to structural brain abnormalities, intellectual disability and autism. The intent of this course is to present current topics in developmental neuroscience in the context of animal models and human diseases that have contributed to our understanding of the biochemical, molecular and cellular processes of brain development and function. Graduate students are required to write an analysis of a primary research paper to receive graduate level credit for HG580.

Instructors: Iwase, Kwan
Course Director: Stephanie Bielas
Schedule: TUE & THU 2:30pm-4pm
Location: 4917 Buhl
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Prerequisite: BIO 225 and BIO 305

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